For my post today, I’m pairing two street signs found on opposite sides of the country. The first was taken in San Francisco, CA. Most people when looking at this picture will see the signs for The North Face, Coach and Banana Republic. I see the killer street sign:1If you look right above the Coach sign at the corner of the building you’ll start freaking like I did. On the street. With people around. Here’s a close up that I took from the middle of the street with cars honking. What.  2The detail on the building is stunning.
Next up is this street sign found in on a building in Miami. What caught my eye was that every word in the address is abbreviated and the way it is layed out with the partial paint job is just beautiful:3Here’s a close up: 4See any street signs that catch your eye? Tweet them to me @nikki_vz or email to be featured in an upcoming post!

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