found lettering

1I am such a sucker for hand lettering mainly because no two are alike. They have such character and I love when the artist takes liberty with the letterforms. Today’s pairing are signs that caught my eye in Akron and Austin. What I noticed first with the sign in Akron is how it is specific to this area. Ohio is known as the Buckeye state and Ohio State’s mascot is a buckeye. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t know what a buckeye was before moving to Ohio. It’s a nut…which makes OSU the fighting nuts (I’m going to let that joke go. You’re welcome). Anyway, nuts aside (ha), here are a couple more pictures of the sign:2 3I like the pairing of the script lettering and the all uppercase sans serif type. Those e’s are awesome.
The hand lettering found in Austin is located on the side of a building. My picture doesn’t accurately capture how much these colors vibrate. It was almost hard to look at. Add to it that the letters are bouncing around and not on one baseline and I may or may not have broken out into hives. Here’s a close up of a few letters:4
While we are on the subject of lettering, this is a good time to preach:
lettering is not type (via by Stephen Coles)
lettering vs calligraphy (via by John Boardley)


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