manhole monday: cover confusion

Happy {Manhole} Monday! It is no secret that I love documenting the different designs of covers and drains I discover as I travel from city to city. I find it interesting to note the differences and similarities between the standards like gas, steam, telephone and water. But every so often I come across covers that make absolutely no sense. I have no clue what’s going on. Here are two examples. This one was found in San Antonio, TX:

1Open Left? Two covers side by side, two different designs. No sign of Open Right. Open Left, the one on the left (ha) is crooked and Open Left on the right is all one word. Not only is Left on the right but it didn’t even get a space: OpenLeft. Man, must he be pissed. At least he’s not crooked! So, take that Open Left!
This cover was found in the middle of a sidewalk in Boston, MA:
2So pretty, right?! Urban Accessories. It’s like an earring for the city!


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