Throwback Thursday: Manhole Monday

This post was originally published on December 10, 2012
It’s Manhole Monday! *applause*

I picked two water covers to compare side by side. Both of these were taken right next to a playground. Want to get weird looks from other parents? Wander over to a random manhole cover in the middle of the parking lot, kneel down and take a picture. The reactions are super fun.
My favorite:
“Did you loose something?”
“No, I’m taking a picture of the pretty letters.”

I just relived that.

Ok, anyway, the picture taken in Hudson caught my eye because of that W. That’s probably the craziest W I’ve come across and it’s sized so it’s just as important as WATER. Also, this was on a wall about 2 feet up from the ground in between the men and women’s bathroom.

The picture taken in Greenville, was on the ground and I thought the design mixed with the letters was just stunning. So stunning that I had to take an artistic close up:

Who says these aren’t beautiful?


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