The Crow and The Library

1Yesterday was two deli’s, today is two bars! These are a couple of the more unusual signs I have come across. I can only imagine the bar in Albuquerque was named ‘The Library’ so if someone asks ‘where were you last night?!’ they can say they were at the library. It wouldn’t be a lie, right?! Here are some more shots of the front of the building: 2Lord of the Onion Rings. Ha.
The building right next to The Library is sporting some killer ghost signs and graffiti:3 4 5Moving on to Sioux Falls. What better way to advertise the Crow Bar than a crow. Wearing glasses. And a top hat. And shoes. 6The letters up the sign are awesome. Helvetica never looked better. I think it makes such a nice contrast next to Vallet Cleaners.  7 9 10Omg with the crow’s outfit! Where is he going dressed like that?! Maybe to The Library!8


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