1Today’s post are two deli signs that have caught my eye for very different reasons. Coppola’s is magical balancing act where no one comes out alive. That C is the tight rope and all the letters are along for the ride. It’s only a matter of time before the o’s roll completely off. The p’s are hanging on for dear life. Literally. The l is holding his breath but has reached his tipping point. The A is workin’ the straddle but…ouch. That’s painful to just look at. Lastly, that s is one nudge away from the apostrophe taking him out. Put it all together and my anxiety is through the roof and I haven’t even walked through the doors yet. Here’s some other shots of the lettering:2The red lettering at the bottom makes me laugh. Cooper Black has seen better days: 3Spacing after comma’s are overrated anyway. 4Moving on to Primo’s in Akron. My goodness, where to begin?! 5 6 7How about we don’t. Gotta love hand lettering and the illustrations that go along with it.

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