hiccups and cigars

1Here are two words found embedded in the ground at the entrance to a building in two different cities. Both are ghost signs because they no longer advertise the business inside the building. What caught my about Gordon’s was the crazy line pattern in the background and this R: 2He looks like he has the hiccups! Of course I couldn’t NOT notice the apostrophe. Looks like his glass is FULL: 3Talk about an optimist!
Moving on to Tampa. Argintar was found in Ybor City, Tampa’s Latin Quarter. I was blown away by this lettering.  4That A totally just went out to smoke a cuban cigar. 5I could write a novel just on that g alone. It’s interesting to note when looking at lettering in the ground if the artist chose a more geometric or angular approach (which is easier to lay, especially if it’s within square tiles) or letters with more of a curve like Argintar.


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