1Today I am featuring a rare in state comparison. Both of these lighting signs were found in the state of Virginia but both of the type treatment on these were handled completely different. Usually all caps tightly kerned serifed typefaces are a HUGE no no. Throw in that it’s on a curve and in goldish/yellowish and I’d call it a sinking ship. Except, for some reason it kinda works. I’m digging that C and the EA ligature. The rest of the sign is pretty much crap. Moving on to Richmond. This lamp company has left the building and one of their last efforts was to paint over their sign above the storefront. Aww, so sad. Nothing fancy going on here with the remnants of this sign, it looks pretty plain next to the Commonwealth sign but I like the simplicity and the perfectly kerned letters. Here are some other shots of the building:
2 3


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