throwback thursday: property line

This post was originally published on August 16, 2013
It has become a (very annoying) habit that when I’m walking around, I’m very often looking down. I’m always on the lookout for manhole covers, stamps in concrete or anything out of the ordinary that catches my eye. Today’s post definitely falls into the ‘out of the ordinary’ category. While walking around San Antonio, I came across this:

I thought ‘Wow, Joskes gets his own line. Cool!’
Joske’s was a department store founded by German immigrant Julius Joske in 1867. In December 1928, Hahn Department Stores acquired the company along with the Titche-Goettinger department store of Dallas, and three years later Hahn became part of Allied Stores. Allied was taken over by Campeau in 1986, and Campeau in turn sold the Joske’s chain in 1987 to Dillard’s. All Joske’s stores were then quickly converted into Dillard’s locations. You can read more here.

There must have been a feud between Joske and someone. No apostrophe but there is a period. Pretty powerful stuff.
I rounded the corner and came across this:
2Clearly done at a different time. The arrows and the tightly kerned letters look like they are batting their eyelashes and acting all modest but you know there’s a big FU hidden under there. Here’s a close up:

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