Manhole Monday: the heart of the city

Happy Manhole Monday! Today’s pairing are two sanitary sewer covers. I always laugh when i see the word ‘sanitary’ on a cover that is in the middle of the street, exposed to all of the elements. It’s anything but sanitary. Big thanks to Sean Duran for sharing his picture taken in Jacksonville, FL. I knew the illustrations would be a direct tie back into the city but dang! This is beautiful and speaks to the heart of the city. I didn’t know a city could have a flag but here it is:
Here is the seal of the city:

I didn’t find any tricked out illustrations on the sewer covers in Greenville but was pretty happy with the pattern that covers them. Thrown in some neon colors and we’re back in the 80’s! If you see any interesting covers in your city, take a picture and email it to me at or tweet me @nikki_vz to be featured in an upcoming post!


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