Day One

I started this blog a little over 3 years ago as a way to balance out my work life. I work as an in-house designer in a very structured environment. Like most in-house designers, my font choices are limited and my color palette is chosen for me. One of the most challenging parts of my job has been being creative within these predetermined parameters. I like having limits but I felt I needed an outlet to help balance my work and keep me creative. This blog has offered me the perfect balance. I drench myself in typography first thing each morning putting the posts together because there really is no better way to start the day. I truly believe this balance has made me a better designer, both professionally and personally.
Today begins a new stage in my career. I start a new position with my company and I am very excited about the opportunity that lies ahead. With a new position, that means a new reporting structure. A new reporting structure means I needed to explain my upcoming speaking engagements which then leads to explaining my blog which eventually ends with me talking about my love for manhole covers. It’s an awesome tailspin.
When I was in Greenville, SC a couple of weeks ago, I had lunch with my new boss. As we were walking into the restaurant he noticed a piece of a letter in the tiled entryway that was hiding under a mat and said “you should take a picture of this for your blog!”
stax 1
As we were leaving, he noticed that none(!) of the signs were consistent:
stax 2

stax 3

He gets it.

At the risk of sounding dramatic, my heart is happy.


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