the others

My main goal with my blog is to bring awareness to typography and how the culture of a city can affect the typographic choices that are made. I made the assumption that the people who would be interested in my findings would be other type freaks designers like me. While this is mainly true, I have been surprised by other people who have started to take interest and notice type. By ‘other people’ I mean my co-workers and by ‘take interest’ I mean take awesome pictures for my blog. Thanks to one of the ‘others’, Mike Strilesky, for taking these pictures that he thought I’d like while in Memphis, TN:

strilesky memphis 1
The Flynn’s sign looks ‘cool’ at a glance but after taking a second look, the black outline is too thick and the letters are too close together. There’s something weird going on between the space on either side of the L and I’m just going to say what we all are thinking: that apostrophe is too big. There. I said it.
These Schwab sign are pretty sweet:
strilesky memphis 2
strilesky memphis 3

Here’s the neat story taken from their website:
In 1876, Jewish immigrant Abraham Schwab opened a store on Beale Street. Over its 138-year history, A. Schwab has become a Memphis institution, beloved by many generations. A. Schwab is the only original business remaining on Beale Street. The owners are dedicated to preserving the rich heritage of the store and telling the story of the street and region through historic artifacts and relevant merchandise. An authentic mercantile experience still greets visitors from around the world. A. Schwab’s is THE place to purchase all things Memphis, from regional arts and crafts, to dry goods, to magic potions, to candies, books, magazines, to famous Memphis brands such as Sun Studio, Hi Records, Elvis, and Stax. This merchandise shares the store with artifacts and mementos of the store and city’s past.

Going letterhunting on my own is awesome but seeing what captures the eye of others is pretty great too.


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