mattress fact(o)ry

I love the typography and architecture in Akron. In the heart of downtown Akron is the amazing Akron Art Museum which features an addition designed by the famous Austrian architect Coop Himmelb(l)au. {Jealous! I want a parentheses in my name!} Do yourself a favor and click on this link. Stunning! Being married to an architect, I had heard about and seen pictures of his work but seeing one of his buildings in person is just breathtaking. The museum is a short 2 miles away from this gem:
Ummm, what just happened?! I think I’m responding more to the signs plastered all over this building than the building itself. That red sign is just a cluster of bad choices. Literally, one after the other. Lowercase ‘m’ followed by all caps, the ‘F’ is missing in action and the ‘A’ has been sliced and diced. Can anyone really read the word ‘outlet’ in 2 seconds or less?! Bad design choice there with sideways type and super tight kerning. No clue what it says after ’99’. Moving down to the words on the glass, they let you know that ‘cash talks loud’. You know what else talks loud? My daughter. Will she get a free mattress? I love the two S’s under the word ‘loud’ at the bottom of that window pane. Random!
The light turned green and I didn’t go. How could I? There are 6 sheep perched on the top of this building and sheep #1 is actually sheep #6. I guess this is in reference to the ‘count backwards to fall asleep’ trick? News flash: THAT NEVER WORKS! Here’s a close up of sheep #4. His expression is priceless. I’d have that same look on my face if I had to sit on top of this building too! At least he’s having a good hair day:2It’s the weekend! Back at it on {Manhole} Monday!
-Nikki Villag(o)mez <—I’m diggin’ it!


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