1It’s pretty interesting to see how the branding of police cars and stations are handled internationally. I’m not gonna lie, the police cars here in the States are ugly. There is usually some horrendous illustration with type set around it or in conjunction with it that is just….well, it sucks. So, I’m always pleasantly surprised when I come across police branding done well. I love the sign taken in Prague. Thanks to my friend Mårten for sharing his picture with me. That fancy illustration is the coat of arms for the city of Prague. The type around it is Helvetica (shocker!), nothing crazy there, but I’m totally digging the tricked out illustration and the way the sign is mounted. The whole sign is so much better than what I’m used to seeing. Don’t get me started on that kitty. Adorable! Is she part of the police station? Is it street art? Is she hungry? Love it!
Thanks to Shauna for capturing such a candid shot of Times Square in New York City. Of course the sign for the police station in NYC is awesome…it’s NYC after all! I love that the N and the Y are handled differently than the other letters. That neon sign would look ridiculous in downtown Cleveland, Ohio but in Times Square, it’s struggling to just get noticed while being surrounded by the sea of other neon signs. Sadly, the branding goes downhill when it’s placed on cars: 2Ahhh, Miami Beach! Blue skies and palm trees for days. Of course the police station would look like this: 3Why wouldn’t it?! This is the sign out front:4If you go back to my post from Manhole Monday, you’ll see the same illustration is used. The type in this sign is set in Helvetica (shocking! again!) but unlike the perfectly set letters in the sign from Prague, these letters are drunk. Drunk in front of a police station. Awesome.


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