Manhole Monday: lighting

1It’s Manhole Monday! Today’s pairing are two lighting covers that I have come across. All caps serif type in Boston against all caps san serif type in Miami. Which do you prefer? For me, the cover in Boston is tougher to read partly because of the typeface chosen and partly because of the super tight leading. Even though the letters are probably mathematically equidistant apart, you can put a light bulb (literally!) in between the T and the Y in City. So, add bad spacing to my list of what makes this tough to read. What I’m digging about the cover from Miami is that sweet city of Miami Beach illustration. Throw it on a tank top with a couple of neon colors and put a boom box on my shoulder and hello 1982!
Here’s a detailed shot:2Also, if you didn’t know what color shoes I wear, now you do! Happy Monday!


3 responses to “Manhole Monday: lighting

  1. IMVHO, The Boston cover is bolder and better. The Miami cover is hard read and the logo looks like it was designed in a crafts class. I can’t take it seriously! It’s kid stuff . . . And I don’t mean Chip Kidd.

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