neon dude, horse and a lock!

1Today’s post are two pictures that have been sent in to me that feature neon signs. Big thanks to Marisa TenBrink and Mike Holmes for sharing their pictures. Throughout my observations, I have found it to be very difficult to find neon signs that are affected by the culture of the city. What I have discovered is that every city has neon it’s just some cities have a higher quantity like Las Vegas, New York City and Miami. The inspiration that I have drawn from studying these types of signs lies in how the letters are connected (like the K and G in this sign) and in the rare instance that images are utilized and lit up. What struck me about Marisa’s neon sign is that it IS directly affected by the culture of the city, what has proven to be a rare find for me. If you were to put that sign in the middle of downtown Boston, it’d look stupid. In the middle of Rapid City, it’s right at home. Dude on a horse, horse looking less than amused, it all works but I’m thinking that homeboy needs to stop looking ahead and pay more attention to the letters below the ground. It’s a sign advertising a stockgrower’s (where’s the apostrophe?!) association and the O’s are crooked. What does that say about what they are growing?!

Mike’s picture taken in Copenhagen is a #fontsunday find. It’s one of my favorite pictures that has been shared with me. Låse in Danish translates to Lock in English. This is a sign advertising a store that sells locks. I have never seen a neon sign that looks anything like this, and apparently neither has the dude on the horse. The horse looks less than amused but I think he’ll perk up when he realizes his tail is on fire.


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