tick tock

1Today’s pairing are two signs advertising two different businesses that both utilize clocks. When I was in Greer, the Clock Restaurant sign caught my attention. I thought the placement of the clock was interesting but I have to admit, I read the sign as C Lock. Here is another shot of the sign:2This is a zoomed in shot of the exit sign:3While in Albuquerque, I spotted the airport parking sign. This time, the clock stands in place of the letter O. I love it when objects stand in place of letters! {not} 4In addition to the O situation in the above picture, I noticed something funky going on with the M and the E. Is the letter melting into itself? It wasn’t THAT hot! Not sure what’s happening but it makes the sign awfully hard to read. Here’s a close up:5This is one side of the sign out front:6This is the other side:7Interesting that there is no reference to the clock (hi O!) and the M and E are properly represented. Here is the side of the building:8This is taken from the back:9I’m still on the hunt for a successfully designed airport parking sign. No luck yet!


One response to “tick tock

  1. I’m pretty sure that a light bulb came on over the heads of the the designers who turned the clocks into letters.

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