fur in florida

For my 1ne post today, I’m going with this picture:fur 1At first glance, nothing looks that odd, right?! It’s just a store that sells fur coats and a boring bank building in the background. What’s the big deal. Nothing really, until I tell you that this store is located in Orlando, Florida! FUR. IN ORLANDO. Whatttt?! Yeah, I couldn’t believe it either. The store is suffering from some sort of identity crisis, from the location (a fur store in one of the hottest cities in the country), to the inconsistent signs. The black all caps letters on the side, then as I got closer I spotted this:fur 2 fur 3This is taken from across the street:fur 4 fur 5This is taken in front of the door:fur 6Why is that nasty mat there covering up the letters? THEY WOULDN’T LET ME MOVE IT! Lesson learned, take close ups first, then back away to do the across the street shots. The woman in the store spotted me taking pictures and as I crossed the street to get this shot, she came out and told me to leave. I explained to her that I just wanted to take a picture of the letters and tried to move the mat and she said “Please leave”. Awesome.


4 responses to “fur in florida

  1. Furs in FL? Of course- who wears furs these days? Women my age and older who come to FL to escape the winters up north- and they don’t want to leave their valuable furs up north. OR- they used to live in the north where they needed a fur for several months, and brought them with them, but only need them for the occasional nippy evening out at the opera, don’t you know?! Gotta leave them somewhere safe inbetween those occasional outings. I’d be willing to bet that that store will be out of business within 10, maybe 20 years anyhow. Look at that new construction right behind them.

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