contrasting signs

1There is this sign that is around the corner from my office that makes me uncomfortable. I’ve never stopped to analyze why until I put this post together. It’s funny how things are just written off as intuitive until there is a thought process involved that forces the reason out. Here’s my reason for my dislike for the Kepner’s sign: I’ve never been to Kepner’s before so I can’t speak for the food there but if that K is any indication, I don’t have high hopes. The letter literally looks like it is in the process of going through the shredder with the R right behind him. There are 3 typefaces on the sign that has 4 words. As an added bonus, there is the additional element of the “Since 1919” in the beige oval at the bottom. When I start to break the sign down and look at the individual letterforms, I just get even more confused. As much as it pains me to write this, those letters are just ugly, the kerning is horrendous and the apostrophe makes me want to cry. I have lost my appetite, so there is no way I’m going to eat there. Maybe just drink…at Texas T Pub! This sign, found in San Antonio, has the opposite issues. No fluff, there is no funny business going on with the letters, and only one typeface is used for the whole sign. There are some interesting issues going on with the counters of the B and the curves of the S’s but other than that, it’s a pretty standard sign. I imagine my cocktail from there to be straight up, no fuss and perfectly mixed. The power of contrasting signs and the mood they evoke!


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