Manhole Monday: details

1It’s Monday! Which means my post today is featured around manhole covers. I love receiving pictures from people as they notice interesting covers. It’s part “hey, that’s cool!” and part “hey, it’s not just me that’s noticing!”. Pretty neat combo. Over the weekend I received pictures from a good friend of mine in South Carolina who forwarded me pictures that her mom had taken while she was in Europe. It was completely unexpected and the pictures are totally awesome. Thanks Blair for forwarding them to me and to Gayle for taking them! The details are what caught my eye in the cover Gayle took in Florence. That tricked out diamond pattern, the neat placement of information on the bottom right (which roughly translates to the name of a foundry in Florence–thanks google translate!), and that R. I have never seen such a dramatic letter on a manhole cover before. That R has a love story to tell and I’m totally listening. As I was analyzing the details of this cover, it reminded me of the teeny tiny ligature that I came across in Phoenix. This was found on a big metal grate that was embedded in the sidewalk. There was no information anywhere else on the grate, just this ligature. It’s all in the details, and what beautiful details they are!


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