graffitiweek: invader + MBW

To piggyback off of yesterday’s post, I’m highlighting two graffiti artists that I didn’t know about until I watched the Banksy film Exit Through the Gift Shop. I had seen their work but didn’t know their street name. It was mentioned that Thierry Guetta (aka Mr. Brainwash) was introduced to graffiti through his cousin, who goes by the street name Invader. If you aren’t familiar with Invader, get ready to fall in love with his work: Fall In Love.
The minute his work was shown in the film, I remembered this picture that I took in Miami:
That guy is placed right above the Goodwill window looking down on the Banksy from yesterday’s post. In an effort to keep family together and do right by the film I watched, here is MBW found near the downtown area of Miami:2 3As I was putting this post together, I remembered I had snapped a picture of a hotel that was taken right across the street from where I was staying in the downtown area of Miami:4Cool hotel right? Check out the sweet sign above the door: 6A close up of the neon hotel sign on the left side of the building:7Why in the world is this being featured today? Take a close look at the first Chesterfield picture taken from across the street. Look at the lower right side of the building. It’s Mr. Brainwash!5Life is Beautiful, indeed.


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