I realized as I was scrolling through my pictures that I had signs advertising cameras from three different cities. It’s always neat to compare signs advertising the same exact thing from city to city, like the Children’s Museums from yesterday’s post. Here is a camera repair shop taken in Pittsburgh:


Pittsburgh, PA

If you own a repair shop (I don’t care what you are repairing), isn’t it bad business if your sign needs to be repaired? 8 (EIGHT!) letters in need of repair! I don’t have a lot of faith bringing my camera in to be fixed if your letters are broken. Just sayin’. Next up is Gong Nom Camera Shop taken in San Francisco’s Chinatown. In case you can’t read Chinese or English, there is a picture of a camera and the whole sign is one big camera strip. There is NO WAY anyone is missing that this is a camera shop:

san fran

San Francisco, CA

Lastly is Kurt’s Camera Corral taken in Albuquerque:

camera corral 1

Albuquerque, NM

I can’t stress enough how perfectly this sign fits in Albuquerque. If it were located in downtown Boston it would look ridiculous, but it is perfectly placed on Route 66 in the Nob Hill area. Also, I think I have a crush on Kurt. Just look at him!

camera corral 2LOOK AT HIM!camera corral 3What a little hottie!
Like a lot of the neon signs I found on Route 66, this one is in great condition:camera corral 4 camera corral 6
camera corral 5 camera corral 7This one is located right above the entrance to the main door under the overhang. Wait. Is Kurt pole dancing?! camera corral 8Yeah, buddy!

From the unique hand lettered sign above the shop to the neon out front and this last one with Kurt showing off his extracurricular activities, it is hands down my favorite.


6 responses to “smile

  1. Maybe the Pittsburgh one isn’t broken, but highlighting the word CARE…

    Though if it is, it’s somewhat undermined by its decrepit appearance.

  2. I was thinking something along the lines of Tom Martin in the comments – assuming it’s still a camera shop, yeh it’s bad, but what if it’s been re purposed into maybe an urgent care place or a therapist or homeless shelter?

  3. Hi Nikki. I am sad to report that Kurt’s closed up shop last year and this beautiful no longer adorns Route 66. I’m glad you were able to feature it on your blog.

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