Manhole Monday: European covers

1Happy Manhole Monday! Today I’m coming at you with two European covers. Big thanks to Alex Cooper and Mårten Thavenius for sharing their pictures. It’s so comforting to know that I’m not the only one on the lookout for interesting covers. The design on these two are like nothing I’ve seen before. Since there are no words on the cover from France I’m going to guess that the wavy lines indicate that this could be a water cover. The cover taken in Italy is a sewer cover. If it weren’t for ‘fognatura’ being on there, I would have never known (shout out to Google Translate!). See any interesting covers in your city? Take a picture and tweet/instagram it to me @nikki_vz or email to be featured in an upcoming Manhole Monday post!


3 responses to “Manhole Monday: European covers

  1. LOVE the french one. Did you know manhole covers are round so that no matter how you drop it, it won’t fall in the hole?

  2. I think the French one belongs in Italy and the Italian one belongs in France. Who places these things anyway?

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