whitneys and thom

1Today I’m pairing two ghost signs that are built in the floor at the entrances to stores. What caught my eye about Whitneys was that crazy W and the lowercase n set within an all caps word. Things are getting crazy in Syracuse! Somehow it all works and makes for a beautiful ghost sign. I spotted shoe retailer Thom McAn at a store entrance in South Beach. This is such an interesting type treatment. The stroke before the h seems unnecessary, and after doing some research, it appears Thom was wavering as well. The stroke appears here but not here. Consistency people! Stroke or no stroke, I can assure you that I have never seen a ligature like this before:
2Thom is playing with my mind! If you take the M out of the picture, it looks like a fancy script A ready to hit the town…but it’s not! It’s McAn! Beautiful!


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