You know that feeling when you are watching your favorite team play and at the last part of the game, they just fall short and don’t perform as well as you know they are capable of?
That’s how I feel looking at apostrophes.
It’s either a dramatic end to a beautiful word or a pathetic attempt to finish in style.
I’ll let you be the judge of these guys:


Albuquerque, NM


Albuquerque, NM

omg omg omg what is that?!


Youngstown, OH


Youngstown, OH

If the apostrophe is mistaken for bird poop from across the street, that can’t be good…right?!
C’mon apostrophe’s! You can do better than this!


One response to “pathetic

  1. I think I can see another link between these: people hedging their bets.

    Unless the first one is a shop belonging to Mr / Ms Antique, the apostrophe shouldn’t even be there. Maybe they were unsure, so just put a small one in…

    You’re so right about the second. But I also thought the S is upside-down, so I checked: it’s symmetrical! I guess they thought it’s foolproof, as you’ll never get it the wrong way up – but it’ll never be the right way up either.

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