1I’m going to piggyback off of yesterday’s theater post. If you look closely in the picture above taken in Austin, the building right before the State Theater is the Paramount Theater from yesterday’s post. Yesterday was two Paramount’s, today is two State’s.
The State Theater in Sioux Falls, SD was built in 1926 and was closed in 1921. There is an effort underway to preserve the historical integrity of the theater as you can see by the current condition of the sign and the façade of the building:
3 4The State Theater in Austin opened on Christmas Day in 1935, 9 years after the State Theater in Sioux Falls. It was the first theater in Austin built to show motion pictures. In 1981 the building underwent a major revitalization that returned it to its original Art Deco state, and another in 1998. In 2000 the State Theater merged with its next door neighbor, The Paramount Theater to form the Austin Theatre Alliance (via 6 7Since I now have two posts in a row about theater’s, I’m just going to finish out the week on this theme. Who doesn’t like themes?! Are there any neat theater marquee’s in your city? Take a picture and tweet it to me @nikki_vz or email and I’ll post it on my blog this week!


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