Manhole Monday: sewers

1Happy Manhole Monday! Today I’m coming at you with two sewer drains from two different parts of the country. Covers like these are my favorite to find since they are unique to the city they are in. When I was in Boston, I was impressed with how many drains I found that are branded with BOSTON. I love the brick circle surrounding the cover. I was in Phoenix for a business trip a couple of months ago and had dinner with my co-workers one night in Tempe. While waiting for our table, I spotted a cover a block away and said the usual “Hey, I’ll be right back!”. I was hoping the cover would a good one because I knew I would have to explain what the hell I was doing when I came back. Man was it ever.

On a side note, explaining to co-workers why you are taking pictures of manhole covers is super fun.


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