boston cemeteries

For today’s post, I’m going with the pictures I took at two cemeteries in Boston: King’s Chapel Burial Ground and Granary Burial Ground. I had visited these same two cemeteries almost a decade before and they still remain my favorite, with the above ground tombs in New Orleans running in a close second. These graves in Boston are the oldest I have come across. The beautiful typography and the intricate illustrations are just breathtaking. I tried to take pictures of the graves and the details that caught my eye. While visiting these two graveyards, I entered into an alternate universe where I loose all sense of time, reality and a complete disregard for others. It’s awesome. I have extreme tunnel vision and my focus is on the details of the typography. Today’s post is what I captured from my time in the alternate universe. Enjoy!
This is the entrance to the King’s Chapel Burial Ground:
2The illustrations on the top of the front two stood out to me. Here are some detailed shots:2a 2b 3 4
Shut up with this ligature. Beautiful!4aCheck out the beautiful letters and the numbers in the date:5That one is out of control:5a 6 7 7a 7b 8A good reminder to always plan ahead:8a 9 9aThis is on the gate as I approached the Granary Burial Ground (these two cemeteries are about 2 blocks away from each other):10On the gate entrance:11 12Where John Hancock is buried:13 13aTomb in the wall:14 14a 14bThat ampersand could sing a song, couldn’t he?! Looking through these pictures again leave me speechless.
I will regain my composure over the weekend and be back at it on {Manhole} Monday!


3 responses to “boston cemeteries

  1. Looks like some of those tombstones were re-done in the early 20th century – because of the fonts used. Maybe the original ones are stored somewhere (?)

  2. Beautiful. I too got lost in a graveyard with my camera recently – nothing as old as these, but hopefully I got some interesting photos. Haven’t got round to sorting them yet though…

    I like your new theme too!

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