the homicide of the apostrophe

Grab a kleenex.
I have had the picture of Today’s Kitchen Store for several years now, tucked away in my Wooster folder patiently waiting to be used. I remember seeing this sign and thinking the type is set nice and liking the contrast of the bold and regular type pairing but it was the apostrophe that got my attention. At the time, I thought:

That’s the laziest apostrophe I have ever seen. If only that S was a lazy-boy recliner, he’d be all set.

3Turns out, he’s not reclining…he’s been stabbed, right in the gut…by Agatha’s apostrophe. After zooming in on the sign in the window, I was able to see how the apostrophe was supposed to look:

1aSee how’s he’s standing upright and all perky?
The murderer:
2 *Que the music*
It is no secret that I have never been a fan of objects standing in place of letters, numbers or characters. I would now like to add murder weapons to that list.


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