graffitiweek: for the birds

This is the hardest week for me to select pictures to pair because I have so many graffiti pictures and I only have 5 days to post. As I was scrolling through my collection this morning I realized that, for whatever reason, I have a lot of pictures with birds. So, if you like birds and graffiti, today is your day!
Youngstown, OH:

1 youngstown graffiti 1Austin, TX:2 austin birdAlbuquerque, NM:3 ABQ bird 4 ABQ road runner 1 5 ABQ road runner 2Miami, FL:6 miami bird 7 miami birds around door 8 miami flamingo 1 9 miami flamingos 2 10 miami flamingos 3I thought it was quite fitting that I found roadrunners in Albuquerque and flamingos in Miami. These hot pink flamingos flying through the beautiful script lettering is one of the most beautiful pieces I’ve come across. Absolutely breathtaking.


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