graffitiweek: TMNT

miami teenage mutant ninja turtle drainsIt’s #graffitiweek! An entire week devoted to street art that I have found throughout my travels or that have been sent to me. What better way to kick things off than with graffiti covered manhole covers?! It is Manhole Monday after all, right?! My 8 year old self thinks this is the coolest find EVERRRR. The 4 covers are spray painted to represent the ninja turtles!

cast-of-teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-5These were found in the awesome Wynwood Arts District in Miami. Out of all my letterhunting days, this one ranks as one of my favorite (I’m looking at you, cakes). If you are in Miami, do yourself a favor and check out Wynwood. Bring a bodyguard with you, or Margaret Gonzalez.

Hope you are having a safe and happy Memorial Day!


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