1Today’s pairing are two pizza places in two very different cities. My overall vibe from Austin is that it is a newer city. It has recently gone under a revitalization and this is evident in their signs. Everything feels new and big. I walked by Home Slice and totally dug the name. What’s up home slice?! The more I studied the details of the branding, the more I fell in love with the restaurant:2
34Awesome tiled entryway:
5 6And my favorite part was Home Slice himself hanging out front:7 8Totally in love with him:9When I was in Boston, I came across the Boston Kitchen Pizza. I immediately thought of Home Slice and how different they are. As much as I love Home Slice, he wouldn’t go at all in the historic streets of Boston. Here are some details of the sign:

10If Home Slice ever made it to Boston, he could totally crash with the s in the massive space after the apostrophe:11As I zoomed in on this sign, I couldn’t help but notice the comma:12One of the funkiest comma’s I’ve ever come across:


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