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Today marks blog post #701. When I started this blog 3 years ago, my main goal was for this to be an outlet for me. I promised myself it would never be about the traffic this site gets or any negative comments that it received. The focus has always been on this being my space to talk about typography before I start my work day. 3 years later, I have 13 speaking engagements under my belt, a magazine feature from Uppercase Magazine, an interview with Diane Gibbs for Design Recharge (thankfully that recording got lost) and a one hour interview on NPR with Alexander Isley. I just re-read that sentence and still can’t believe all that has happened. And now, next week, a goal I set for myself when I was a sophomore at LSU (’97) will come true: I am a speaker at HOW Design Live in Boston, the biggest conference for graphic designers.
Graphic Design is my profession and I’m so fortunate to have a job doing what I love. But typography…typography is my passion. This tiled entryway taken in Nashville illustrates it perfectly:
Graphic Design is that white box. People understand that. When they ask what I do for a living and I say I’m a graphic designer, they get it. A lot of people share my profession. No big deal. When people ask what I’m taking a picture of when I’m laying on a sidewalk and I say that I’m trying to get a close up of the beautiful typography on a manhole cover, that’s when things get weird. I have come to terms with it, and fully embrace the weirdness, but know it’s not ‘the norm’. I feel like that apostrophe. I’m an outlier and I’m ok with that. This is me:
2There is no greater joy than being successful doing what you love. My passion for typography is now taking me to Boston and I couldn’t be more excited. In addition to being a speaker, I will also be leading 3 breakfast roundtable discussions on 3 of the mornings. The topics are: graphic design, staying motivated as an in-house designer and, typography. If you are in Boston, please find me and say hi. You can find me on twitter (@nikki_vz) and follow along as I will be documenting my week in Boston by faithfully using the hashtag #BostonType:3The majority of my #BostonType pictures will land here on Instagram:4I’ll be back to my normal posting Monday, May 19.



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  1. I wish it hadn’t gotten lost. You are incredible and I am so glad I met you! Can’t wait to see all the great things you are going to do!

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