flower shops

Today’s post was inspired by Stephen Cole’s beautiful collection of pictures on Fleurs Coiffeur Liqueur.
I am posting 4 store fronts of flower shops that I have come across in 3 different cities. First up is the super original flower shop named FLOWERS found in Miami:
1 miami
Nothing fancy here. By the looks of the horribly kerned letters and how the poor things are nailed to that brown bar, I’m going to go ahead and assume that there is nothing fancy going on behind that metal gate.
While I was in Albuquerque, I came across two Peoples Flower Shops. This one was right in the middle of the downtown area:

2 nm 3 nm 4 nmThis one was found in Albuquerque’s Nob Hill neighborhood which is right past the University of New Mexico:5 nm 6 nm 7 nmStupid lamp post.8 nmStupid lamp post. 9 nmStupid lamp post. 10 nmIf the stems of their flowers are as long as these ascenders/descenders, we might have a problem:11 nmLastly, McPhail’s Florist & Greenhouse found during my blister filled walk around beautiful Austin, TX:12 txThis is spray painted on the side of the greenhouse:
15 txOne side:13 txThe other side with half the f missing:14 tx 16 txHere are two flower signs found in Pittsburgh, PA and (one of my favorites) Salem, OH. This one was found in Columbia, SC.


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