manhole monday: branded

1It’s Manhole Monday! Big thanks to Nancy Wolcott for sharing her picture taken in Grand Rapids. Thanks to, I found out that the Grand Rapids City logo was designed by Joe Kinnebrew, a Grand Rapids native. It was officially adopted in March of 1982. The three-color logo (which you can see by clicking the link above) incorporates the sun in yellow, the Calder stabile in red, and the Grand River in blue. The logo is used to provide a uniform symbol of the City of Grand Rapids, and enables the public to recognize City services and programs.

I love that the city branding goes all the way to the manhole covers. When I saw Nancy’s cover, it reminded me of Austin. STARS EVERYWHERE! Really, I have never seen so many stars–from their state flag to the manhole covers and everything in between.

Two manhole covers in two different cities, both branded by the city they are in.

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