fire department’s

1Today’s post are two fire stations that I have come across. What I loved about the one in San Francisco is that it looked nothing like a fire station. If it weren’t for the fire truck and the lettering over the door, I’d have no clue. Pretty neat they were able to repurpose this building. Here’s a detail shot of the lettering over the door:
2This was found next to the building:3The fire station in Albuquerque is more like what I’m used to seeing. Typical maroon colored building with the oversized garage doors for the trucks. I love any kind of typography that is specific to the city and fire departments are perfect because they proudly boast what city they are serving. So, I walked around the building taking pictures, nothing really stood out as unusual though. The sign out front:
4The sign mounted to the front of the building:
5Seal above the doors:
6I was about to turn around when something told me to walk around to the other side of the building. I have learned to trust my intuition over the years. I turned the corner of the building expecting to see a typical entrance and saw this:
7Ummm, wutttt?! It’s hard to tell in the picture but that isn’t a painting, it’s 3D! It’s craaaaazy! The last thing I expected was a tricked out relief sculpture that spans the width of the building! It’s so awesome. The sun killed my shots but here’s my effort at capturing details:8
9This is what the fire department looks like Stow, Ohio, the city I live in. Here’s one in Akron, Ohio. What does the fire department look like in your city?


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