the character of neon

1Ahhh, neon. I never get tired of looking at it. These two finds are especially awesome. I’m not gonna lie. At first glance, I thought The Esquire was a club. For guys. Where women do their thing. Something about the dark windows and the way the letters are situated. They can’t sit still, the s is up in the q‘s grill. Wait, is that a q?! Not even sure what’s going on with the r. The whole sign makes me feel uneasy and confused. I’m left with more questions than answers. I did a quick google search on my phone just in case it was NSFW (you never know) and it turns out The Esquire was established in 1933 and is the oldest bar on the San Antonio Riverwalk. Here’s a detail of the front door:2A complete disconnect from the neon sign a few feet above it. As it turns out, I should have been more concerned with what was happening behind me instead of wondering if this was a strip club. What are those two people doing?! *lesson learned.
Moving on…
What caught my attention about Mel’s drive-in was the beautiful script. All the letters are in perfect harmony and even though the s gets a little carried away, it works. I’m going to pretend that there is a beautiful apostrophe perfectly placed between the l and s.  Here is a shot of the other side:
This is the window from the side of the building:4You can see the attention to detail with the script is starting to break down here. The s is losing control. I love the character that is achieved through neon.


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