identity crisis

1 8.37.37 AMThere’s nothing quite like a typographic identity crisis to get you going in the morning. Big thanks to DeWayne Esson for snapping this picture in Nashville. The minute I saw it I thought of the cluster of craziness that I took in Miami. Both of these signs leave me wondering what the heck happened. The placement of the O over the ampersand makes me want to punch someone in the face. In theory it’s a good idea {i think} but in reality it’s just not working. The ampersand/C relationship, also not working. While we are on the topic of not working, if anyone has a truck handy, you can go ahead and park it in between the R and the K. Good lord.
Moving on…
The store front in Miami couldn’t decide which typeface to go with, so they went with all of them. Literally. I’m sure this is either multiple businesses or a business that once was that never properly vacated their branding. All I know is what I see, and what I see is a mess. Not only is it a typographic confusion, there’s also a language issue going on. Art Estudio? Spanglish FTW !

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