unique wayfinding

2I totally understand the standardization of wayfinding road signs across the country. It creates uniformity and they are, most importantly, very easy to read. Since these road signs have to get approved by federal regulations you’d think they’d all be IDENTICAL. It makes me really happy when I come across street signs that have found a loop hole in the system like street names in concrete on the sidewalk or signs that are still clinging onto their old world charm. The picture taken in Columbia isn’t really a loop hole, it’s more just specific to the city it is in. Having a street named after Hootie & the Blowfish in downtown Austin, Texas would be ridiculous and make no sense. It makes total sense in downtown Columbia, South Carolina. The band members met their freshman year at the University of South Carolina and formed Hootie & the Blowfish in 1986.
When I was walking around Austin, Texas, I made my way to the campus of the University of Texas. Seeing street signs in the school colors and with a college mascot was a first for me. It makes total sense in downtown Austin, on the campus of UT. Both of these signs are specific to the the exact city they are in and I love that about them.


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