R is for Rebel

2I’m one of those people who rarely frequent a cleaners. I will look at a tag before I buy clothes and if it says dry clean only, I won’t buy it. It’s not me being cheap as much as just not having time to get my clothes professionally cleaned regularly. I also don’t believe in re-wearing clothes (gross!). I wear it once, it gets washed (clean freak!)…but that’s a whole other story. ANYWAY, if I DID use a cleaners and Parkway was in my ‘hood, you better believe I’d be there. Everyday. Shout out to my buddy Margaret Gonzalez for sharing this picture taken in Chicago. I just love it. The script letters started at such an extreme angle that by the time the w in Parkway was nearing completion, it was clear the a and the y had to suffer the consequences. You can literally see the ‘oh shit’ moment at the end of the w. Something tells me the r knew it was coming. Look at him! He’s laughing it up. I have a feeling the descender of the y had greater plans but had to come to an abrupt halt due to the circumstances. That ampersand is out of control. It’s totally rockin’ an 80’s vibe and the neon hangers in the window reinforce that. Such a great picture. Moving on to Nobby’s in Cincy. The first thing I noticed was that apostrophe. I should have zoomed in on him.
4I have never really understood script letters that don’t touch. I always thought the point of script was the joining of the letters? I’m kinda thrown by the type treatment of the the word Custom. Here’s how the sign looked as I approached it:
3If the sign for a tailor is missing a letter, what does that say about the type of work they do? I bet the R kicked the S off the sign.


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