Throwback Thursday: ouch (x-rated)

This post was originally published on March 20, 2012:
99.9% of people who drive by Lube Stop see a place to get your oil changed quickly. I’m the .1% (shocker!) who see’s a big L about to have his way with that poor u. As I’m typing this, I’m literally sitting with my legs crossed. O-U-C-H ! Click on the picture and look at it! Seriously! The fact that the word spells out Lube just adds insult to injury at this point. I could keep going but I’m going to stop. (I’m diggin’ the dot of the i in Oil).

Moving on to the famed Louis Vuitton logo. It’s the L again! What is his problem?! This time he’s actually IN the V (omg!) -and if that wasn’t bad enough- that logo is famously on repeat with their branding. Like they are proud of it or something. Frozen in time. FOREVER. All I see is the raping of the V. I’ve never been a huge fan of this logo or their branding, but have never been able to legitimately justify why. This pairing has finally given me a valid reason.

I’m going to go disinfect my hands and get on with my day.


2 responses to “Throwback Thursday: ouch (x-rated)

  1. After I saw the ‘Lube Stop’ sign, I started looking at the McDonald’s ‘M’ in a whole new way. Don’t you see breasts? I mean, look about it. The letter ‘m’ is for ‘mom’ and what’s more symbolic of nourishment? Have you ever read the 1974 book ‘Subliminal Seduction’? Also take a look at the Wendy’s logo and tell me if you see a word written in the collar of Wendy’s blouse!

  2. Love your descriptions, Nikki! Totally with you on the LV thing. I’ve always seen it as a depressing display of wealth over taste – and your post hasn’t done anything to help that…

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