Tad & Tucker

2When I was in San Francisco for the HOW Design Conference last year, Tad’s Steaks greeted me every morning as I left the hotel. I couldn’t ask for a better sign to see first thing in the morning. I love the typography. I love the colors. I love the way it flashes day and night. The only issue I have with the sign is New York. I get that it was a spacing issue and they wanted the cities to be as big as possible. But still. There has to be a better solution. So, I did a quick google search to see how the other cities listed handle the sign and it seems this one in San Francisco is the only one still open. PROBLEM SOLVED!

3It’s impossible to stay mad at Tad. It’s too awesome. When I was analyzing the letters in this sign, it reminded me of Tucker’s in Cincinnati (coincidence that it’s a city listed on Tad’s sign?). Both Tad’s Steaks and Tucker’s have the same Big Top(ish) typeface. I say ‘ish’ because it’s not exact. Big Top doesn’t have the flourish on either side (compare the T‘s in these signs to the T in this link), but it’s close. I thought these signs looked pretty interesting side by side. Here is a close up of Tucker:4That restaurant is C-R-O-W-D-E-D. Man! Hope there is more space between the tables than there is between those letters. For real.5As if this wasn’t going to happen:6*apostrophe crush*


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