faded ghost signs

2Today’s post are two (of many) ghost signs that I’ve come across that I can’t read. They are so faded that there isn’t much left. To make it even more frustrating, there’s just enough information here to kinda of read. Sort of. The picture taken in Pittsburgh says Kitmans (look at that S!) and then something about Frigidaire Appliances and Television. Here’s another shot of it that is much better than my drive by shooting. I’m also digging the Pittsburgh Outdoor Adv Co sign above and below it. If I had to guess what was written in the red to the left of the sign, I’d say trust for but hard to tell.
Here are some close ups of the picture in downtown Columbus. I started with the right side of the picture:3 4No idea what those once said. The two below say Stewart Bro’s The Busy Store:5 6This picture has another angle of this sign. What could that illustration have been? I have no idea what a busy store is. I’m not sure I want to know but it can’t be too scandalous if it’s painted on the side of a building in the middle of a downtown city. Right?!


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