sinning apostrophe’s

2Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a sucker for punctuation. The most beautiful being the comma and the apostrophe of course. I think there should be a visible difference between the two but that’s another discussion altogether. Big thanks to Shauna Panczyszyn for sharing her picture taken in Rome. There are subtle design elements going on in this sign that I think are pretty interesting. I’m digging the sharing of the period after st being the dot of the j. Those two are playing well together. The apostrophe in this sign looks too big for the rest of the type. Whoever set this sign seems to have typed johns as one word (instead of john apostrophe s) and then placed a big ass apostrophe like a halo rising up to the heavens. Except it’s too big, so it stopped mid way up and now just looks weird. Maybe he sinned so he’s on his way back down? Also, why isn’t university aligned under the o in john’s? Maybe they were trying to align with the point of the illustration? Who knows, but things like that really tick me off. Moving on to St. Mary’s. I took this picture in San Antonio because the apostrophe s totally caught my eye. Here’s a close up of what’s going on:
4I have never seen an R like that. The apostrophe looks crooked and too small and the S is creating a weird negative space to the left. Here’s a close up of the apostrophe:
3Poor guy looks like he got demoted. Another sinner, perhaps? Who knew apostrophe’s were so naughty?!


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