2Today’s post are two different pharmacies I have come across. The picture taken in Pittsburgh has obviously seen better days. The business has vacated but the sign remains (barely). I love how the letters are peeling away from the wall. I find it interesting that this pharmacy would fill your prescriptions and had an ice cream bar and cold beverages AND greeting cards! It really was your one-stop-shop. I like the tricked out prescription symbol (kicking myself for not zooming in):3Then there is the pharmacy in Miami. Ahhh, Miami. I’m still coming down from my high that I got from that trip. I realize it’s probably not the best idea to combine the word ‘high’ and a picture that says ‘drugs’ but whatever.
4Typography is my drug so it’s fitting.
You will see in the picture from Miami at the top of this post my new BFF, Margaret Gonzalez, crossing the street. She’s the one responsible for driving me (literally) all over Miami the day after my talk. I am usually perfectly content to just get in my zone and walk around by myself taking pictures. She demanded (she’s really bossy) that she’d pick me up and show me the good parts (not the touristy parts) of the city. I very rarely meet someone that is wired the same way as me, but when I do, it’s such a cool connection. I’m very fortunate for having met Margaret and I’m forever grateful for the time she spent with me, the miles she put on her car and the conversations we had over coffee that bit my lip (stupid cortado).
This pharmacy was spotted in a part of Miami referred to as Little Havana. Cuban’s everywhere! It was awesome. Margaret was right at home, me–not so much. Most of the businesses in this area catered to the Spanish speaking residents, the few that I went in spoke little English. What I love about this pharmacy is the collection of signs that they have. The neon prescription drugs on the side (above), the Spanish Farmacia Luis over the awning:5The English version over the door: 6And, the neon Spanish sign out front:7This is taken from the other side:
8Detail of the tricked out neon (!) pharmacy symbol:
9As much as I love all the neon signs surrounding this store, I think the takeaway for me is the L in Luis. If you look at the picture at the very top, the L is what dominates the street corner. How does one letter “outshine” neon? The L is Cuban! Based on my (very) brief interaction with the Cubans there, I found them to be very friendly and very loud. Just like this L. It looks super friendly and inviting and yet it is taking over the whole damn word. Look at the L in the picture over the door! Shhhh, I CAN HEAR YOU. It looks like the word pharmacy is shuddering having to listen to all the shouting. One of my favorite series of pictures–just beautiful.


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