Manhole Monday: equality


3It’s Manhole Monday! Today’s post are two very different sewer covers from two very different cities. While neither of them boast the city they are located in, they did catch my eye for different reasons. What I love about the cover from Richmond is how each letter is blocked off. It reminds me of Scrabble except each letter here has equal importance. (With that sentence, I have just realized why I have never been a fan of the board game. Letters are equal! One letter shouldn’t get more ‘points’ than another letter!) Moving on.
The cover from San Francisco caught my eye because of the intricate brick work that surrounds it. Equally beautiful is the pattern on the cover reminds me of Queen Anne’s lace for some reason. Just beautiful. See any beautiful covers in your city? Take a picture and tweet it to me @nikki_vz or email to be featured in an upcoming post.


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