the button and the cactus

The title of my post today wins for my most random title yet.
Today I’m rockin’ a typographic partnership. The picture on the left was taken by my friend Mårten Thavenius while he was in Amsterdam. Shout out to google translate: ‘knopenwinkel’ means “button shop” in Dutch. A whole shop dedicated to buttons?! I want to go there! If you check out their website, you’ll see that they have a huge button hanging over their front door. Love it! The whole look and feel of the store front just feels European to me. Thanks Mårten for sharing your picture!
In stark contrast is Cactus Hut! Big thanks to my cousin Erin Kinsella for taking this picture in Scottsdale. Also, a special shout out to Kevin and Maeve for photobombing the picture (I have hope for Maeve, she’s checking out the sign, Kevin–not so much). In this picture, it’s obvious which part of the country it is taken in. Try to put a ‘cactus hut’ in the middle of Richmond, VA, and watch your money go down the toilet. But, in Arizona, it totally makes sense. I’m also interested in the line connecting the letters. Here’s a close up shot:
2I give props to the maker of this logo for NOT making the ‘t’ into a cactus. <Rant: My biggest pet peeve is an object standing in place of a letter. It’s a slippery slope that never ends well. Objects aren’t letters.>

Are the letters in this sign holding hands? Did they fall below the baseline? Are they one big ligature? Who knows. I’m diggin’ it!



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