ghost sign markings

1Today’s pairing are two ghost signs that mark the tops of buildings. The one taken in Salem, Ohio was noticed as I was sitting at a red light. The building looks abandoned and it appears the 3D letters that once proudly marked this building are gone. Here’s a detail of what was:
2I love the building in Sioux Falls, it’s very indicative of the area. It’s constructed using Sioux Falls quartzite. Here’s a detail of the naming at the top of the building:3The building was an office for Sioux Falls pioneer R.F. Pettigrew. He was South Dakota’s first full-term US Senator. You can see a (pretty amazing) picture of how the building originally looked here (pg. 85). After I snapped that picture, I did a double take of the sign of the business that now occupies the building:
4Ummm, laser cut comma anyone?!
5Hot damn, what a hottie!


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