signs of fashion

1Today’s pairing are two killer neon signs that I have come across. Both of these stores sell clothing and it’s pretty clear just what types of clothing you will be getting based on the sign out front. Trail West is located right in the heart of downtown Nashville, also known as the epicenter of country music. It always fascinates me how one typeface can set a tone for an entire store, especially when nothing special is going on with these letters. There is no logo associated with them, there is no crazy ligature. It’s just the style of the hollow letters with {broken} neon doing all the work. It looks like the owner covered the brick building with wood planks and boarded up the windows in the hopes of creating a barn-like-look in the middle of downtown Nashville. The funny thing is, it works! This whole street is full of crazy flashing neon signs with a country theme. A barn in the middle of Nashville? Sure! A girl ‘riding’ a guitar on top of a cowboy boot? Sure! It’s Nashville! Try to pull a stunt like that in downtown Cincinnati and the store would go out of business faster than you can tune a guitar.
Here’s a close up of the one working light in that sign:2House of Adam, which I was convinced was a “gentleman’s” store (What?! Look at the sign!) is a men’s clothing store that specializes in FASHION. <—please click that link. please.3Anyway, *regroup* I’m here to talk about the sign. Having lived in NYC for 3 years did nothing for my fashion sense so I’m not one to talk. But, I can say with 100% confidence, that this is quite possibly the most awesome S I have ever come across:4Can you imagine what a night on the town would be like with that dude?! Homeboy is smooth.


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