graffitiweek: rats

pairDay 2 of #graffitiweek and I’m still on an animal kick. Can you blame me? Look at these two pictures that were sent in to me yesterday. I couldn’t wait to pair them. Big thanks to Andrew Correll for sharing his picture taken in San Antonio. I’m more in love with the super vivid colors than the image, really. A three eyed owl with man boobs (what?!) holding a mouse?! Gross!
In a very different style is the rat Elizabeth Fell sent to me taken in London. This is the work of graffiti artist ROA from Belgium. He is known for painting animals that are native to the city they are located in. When I saw this rat, it reminded me of this rat taken in a different part of London. A quick google image search of ROA Graffiti and your mind will quickly be blown. What an amazing talent.


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